Hypnosis is a powerful tool that be used to access the subconscious mind and facilitate positive changes in behaviors and thought patterns. Hypnosis is a collaborative process between the hypnotist and the client. There needs to be compatibility for the client to trust the process for the technique to work successfully. Hypnosis can effectively help you gain control and get in touch with your subconscious to overcome any limiting beliefs or blocks that have become the obstacles to your growth.  

Some examples Hypnosis can help with:
Limiting beliefs
Stress management
Improve self-confidence and emotions
Weight loss/weight management
And much more!


90 min-120 min(depending on the clients needs for 1st session due to intake) 

60 min 

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter Drucker


This technique blends the power of Reiki energy healing with the transformative effects of hypnosis. This combination of these two practices can help individuals achieve a deeper level of relaxation, clarity, insight and healing. During the session, the practitioner focuses on both Reiki energy and verbal communication with the patient. Verbal communication is a key element of any hypnosis session. This allows the patient to receive positive suggestions and envision positive outcomes, at the same time Reiki is provided.


30 min 
60 min 


QHHT was created by Dolores Cannon and is a powerful form of hypnosis that can help anyone gain a deeper understanding of oneself, their life and their purpose. There is a collaborative effort between the client and hypnotist. Building rapport and helping the client to feel safe allows them enter a deeply relaxed state. QHHT is used as a gentle and supportive approach to guide you to the answers and healing you desire. Through this process, you will connect with your higher self or inner guidance. Take a journey through a past life and gain insights to your current life and situations. Maybe you will journey to your younger self, or between lives. No session is the same, as each person is unique. The answers are all with in you. Bring a list of questions. It could be, what is my purpose? Am I on the right path? What is important for you to know should be on your list of questions.



You will receive a recording of your session so you can re-listen anytime you wish.

When we have completed all the journeys and adventures through our variety of lives, we are supposed to return to the creator with our accumulation of knowledge. It is then absorbed. In this way we are considered cells in the body of God. Dolores Cannon

Love just is. It is the answer to everything. Everything. Dolores Cannon

We all have the answers. We just need to allow ourselves the right questions. Dolores cannon

There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imaginationDolores Cannon


Reiki is a form of energy healing developed in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui. Reiki is divinely guided to any stagnant, dense energy, blockages and imbalances in the energetic body that need to be released. It is a high vibrational form of universal life force energy that brings balance to one’s mind, body, and soul. It is channeled through the practitioner to the client while the client is feeling relaxed. During the Reiki session, clients may feel waves of subtle energy gently moving through their body. Others may experience heat or coolness from the practitioner’s hands and perhaps even see comforting colors or visions. While these are normal responses, it is also completely common to “feel” nothing during the session, but still be left with a sense of deep relaxation, overall wellbeing and inner peace. What is important to remember is that Reiki works on all levels, so even though there might not be a physical sensation, the energy could be working on a deep emotional or spiritual level. Reiki helps to support the body’s natural healing process by promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Since energy is not bound by time or space, Reiki can be given through distant healing which is a convenient option for anyone. However, it is important to emphasize that Reiki is not a replacement for traditional medical care/treatment plan. 

During my process of becoming a Master Teacher, I was guided by Reiki early on from my 1st level to infuse love with its spiritual energy. Throughout all of my Karuna Master Ignitions, Reiki Guided me even further giving me powerful messages of how I am meant to continue to combine and infuse the divine, universal and unconditional love, from all space, dimensions and time with Holy Fire. I trust the angels/Archangels to guide me in this loving process. This is a profound and powerful energy that will not only heal you in all of loves highest frequency, but it will help to guide you in your truest most loving self of authenticity. I teach this process to others, and in all my classes.

Reiki Session:

30 min, 45 min or 60 min

Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all humanity. Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki is available to anyone who seeks it. Mrs. Takata


Crystals can be used in combination with Reiki to enhance the healing effects of both practices. While many people find the use of crystals to be beneficial in combination with Reiki, it is not a requirement for a Reiki session. Reiki can be practiced with or without the use of crystals, and the effectiveness of the session is not dependent on the use of any specific tools or accessories. It is up to the individual receiving Reiki if they would like the use of crystals in their session. Crystals are believed to have their own unique energies and properties that can help balance and harmonize the body’s energy field. During a Reiki session, crystals may be placed on or near the body in specific locations to help amplify the flow of energy to those areas. Different types of crystals are believed to have different properties and can be selected based on the individual. For example, amethyst is believed to promote relaxation and relieve stress, while rose quartz is believed to promote self-love and emotional healing. The use of crystals in Reiki is based on the principle that everything in the universe is made up of energy and has its own unique vibration. Crystals amplify the healing effects of the session because they help balance and harmonize the body’s energy with Reiki. Crystals with Reiki session is no extra charge.

In crystal, we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being. Nikola Tesla

Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. All things have a frequency and a vibration. Nikola Tesla

Transpersonal Hypnosis/Soul Level Healing & Grief work

In this SLH (Soul Level Healing) session, it is a collaborative effort between the client and hypnotist. Building rapport and helping the client to feel safe allows them enter a deeply relaxed state. Here, the client is able to access areas in their life that may have been repressed. By going with-in the subconscious and calling in your higher guidance to identify and resolve the core issue (the emotions behind the pain) is where you can heal various internal struggles such as emotional issues, relationship challenges and inner conflicts that are keeping one stuck in a loop of un-fulfillment. As you gain wisdom from your higher self, or inner guidance you will learn a deeper understanding of the self from this higher perspective. The answers are all with in you. Transform your life as you Integrate this heart centered healing. Live with a new sense of purpose and contentment that is harmonious to your mind, body and soul. If you are experiencing grief with the loss of a loved one, a SLH session can also facilitate a connection between the subconscious mind and the spiritual realm. Through this technique, you can access memories, emotions, and experiences that may not be accessible through conscious awareness. Being able to connect to a loved one who has passed away can bring healing to the mind, body and soul.

SLH Session: 

2-3 hours

Trust your unconscious, (also known as the subconscious) it knows more than you do. Milton Erickson

Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see. Milton Erickson

CLASSES All classes are a deeply healing experience

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II Training

Anyone wanting to learn Reiki. This is a beginner class for self healing or to become a healer. Each class can be taken separately or combined if wanting to complete both Reiki I & II.

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Class Training

A student must have taken Reiki I&II and practiced Reiki II for at least 6 months. You will be able to practice and teach Reiki I&II along with Reiki Master online and in person.

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Karuna Master Training

Must be a Reiki master for at least 6 months. You will now be a Kurana Master practitioner and teacher. Also, anyone with Reiki Master or Karuna from any lineage for at least 6 months. You will be upgraded to Holy Fire and can teach Reiki I & II, Master Teacher with World Peace and Karuna. You can teach and practice both online and in person.